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Comparative Literature and Languages

Italian Studies Program (ITAL)

Committee in Charge

  • Marguerite Waller, Ph.D. Director, Comparative Literature/Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Nicoletta Tinozzi-Mehrmand, Ph.D. Italian
  • Nicoletta Da Ros, M.A. Italian
  • Erith Jaffe-Berg, Theater
  • Jeanette Kohl, Art History
  • Milagros Peña, Ph.D. Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, ex officio

The Italian Studies minor offers students the opportunity to attain an advanced level of proficiency in Italian language while taking a number of discipline-based courses that concentrate on Italian themes. The minor complements liberal arts degrees in many aspects of Western or European studies, including art history, history, philosophy, political science, and religious studies. See Minors under the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences in the Colleges and Programs section of this catalog.

Students are encouraged to consider opportunities for study in Italy through the Education Abroad Program (EAP). There are UC programs in Florence, Bologna, Milan and Rome (no previous knowledge of Italian required for Rome). This is an excellent opportunity to become deeply familiar with another country and its culture while earning academic units towards graduation. Students should plan study abroad well in advance to ensure that the courses taken fit with their overall program at UCR. Consult the departmental student affairs officer for assistance. For further details visit UCR’s EAP/OAP website or call 951-827-2508. A list of participating countries is found under Education Abroad Program in the Curricula and Courses section.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor consist of 24 units, distributed as follows:

  1. Twelve (12) units of ITAL 101A and ITAL 101B and ITAL 101C.
  2. Eight (8) units of upper-division courses in Italian literature, film and/or culture offered by the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages.
  3. Four (4) units of upper-division courses in Italian art history, history, film, theatre, or another related discipline offered by other departments and approved by the student’s

Choosing Italian to Fulfill Your Language Requirement

 At UCR we offer 2 options:

  1. ITAL 001, ITAL 002, ITAL 003, (ITAL 004 is also required for certain majors)
  2. ITAL 20A, ITAL 20B, (ITAL 004 is also required for certain majors)

ITAL 20A and ITAL 20B are Italian courses designed for Spanish speakers. Qualified students are able to complete the Italian language requirement in three quarters rather than four.

Language Placement

For information about placement exams contact Aaron Jurkiewicz.


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