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Comparative Literature and Languages

Germanic Studies Program (GER)

Committee in Charge

  • Johannes Endres, PhD. Director. Comparative Literature/German
  • Sue Hertzog, PhD. Comparative Literature/German
  • John M. Kim, Ph.D. Comparative Literature
  • Sabine Thuerwaechter, Ph.D. Comparative Literature/German

The Department of Comparative Literature and Languages offers a B.A. major and a minor in Germanic Studies.

Whether one thinks of philosophy, music, art, religion, or political and social history, Germanic culture has exercised a profound and often decisive influence on Europe . To aid students' appreciation of these achievements, knowledge of German is a valuable asset.

In light of the role that Germany and all other German-speaking countries play within the European Union and worldwide, anyone interested in the study of art, literature, philosophy, history, and the sciences would profit from the Germanic Studies program. Apart from acquiring a reading, speaking, and writing knowledge of the German language, students of this program become familiarized with the great contributions of German poets and thinkers as they manifest themselves in the Germanic literatures and scientific research and are exposed to a wide range of customs in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The Germanic Studies major and minor offer a diverse curriculum ranging from beginning language classes to advanced study of sophisticated literary and cultural topics.

The minor naturally complements liberal arts degress in many areas, including History, Art History, Philosophy, Music, English, Business, and any area studies involving European aspects.

The Germanic Studies Minor

  1. Lower-division requirements (16 units) GER 001, GER 002, GER 003, GER 004, or equivalents
  2. Upper-division requirements (28 units)
    1. Sixteen (16) units from the following: GER 100, GER 101, GER 103A, GER 103B, GER 108
    2. Twelve (12) upper-division elective units in German literature, film, or courses related to Germanic Studies, with approval of the student's advisor.

See Minors under the College of Humanities , Arts, and Social Sciences in the Undergraduate Studies section of the catalog for additional information on minors.

Foreign Language Placement Examination

A placement examination is required of all freshmen entering the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences who wish to meet the foreign language requirement with the same language taken in high school. Consult the quarterly Schedule of Classes and for date and time. Transfer students who have taken a college-level language course cannot take the placement examination and should consult with their advisors. No college-level credit may be duplicated.

Education Abroad

Students are encouraged to consider opportunities for study through the Education Abroad Program (EAP). This is an excellent opportunity to become deeply familiar with another country and its culture while earning academic units towards graduation. Students should plan study abroad well in advance to ensure that the courses taken fit with their overall program at UCR. Consult the departmental student affairs officer for assistance. For further details visit UCR's International Services Center at internationalcenter.ucr.eduor call (951) 827-4113.

See Education Abroad Program under International Services Center in the Student Services section of this catalog. A list of participating countries is found under Education Abroad Program in the Curricula and Courses section.

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