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Classical Studies Program

Committee in Charge

  • Lisa Raphals, PhD., Director, Classics
  • Benjamin King, Ph.D. Classics
  • Christopher Simon, Ph.D. Classics

The objective of the B.A. in Classical Studies is the furthering of knowledge of classical civilization through two emphases: the study of Greek and/or Latin language(s) and literature(s) and the study of courses in English translation on topics including classical literature, history, politics, religion, mythology, and art in order to aid students' appreciation of the Greek and Roman contributions to later Western civilization.

The student who majors in Classical Studies acquires a balanced yet focused view of the language, literature, thought, and civilization of Greece and Rome . The student also obtains the valuable skills of a better vocabulary, a sharper critical sense, logical analysis of texts, coherent argumentation, and a valuable perspective on our own society. Classical Studies majors receive a liberal arts education of traditional excellence and one widely esteemed by business and professional schools. A student may also pursue graduate training in Classics, Art History, History, Philosophy, or other related disciplines.

Classics Major

Language Proficiency

All students in Classical Studies must complete either LATN 001, LATN 002, LATN 003, and LATN 004 (or equivalents) or GRK 001, GRK 002, and GRK 003 (or equivalents). They must also complete 12 upper-division units (or the equivalent) of course work in Latin or Greek.

  1. either LATN 001, LATN 002, LATN 003, and LATN 004 (or equivalents) or GRK 001, GRK 002, and GRK 003 (or equivalents)and
  2. Twelve (12) upper-division units or the equivalent of course work in Latin or Greek

Civilization requirement

  1. Either two courses from CLA 010A, CLA 010B, CLA 010C or both CLA 027A and CLA 027B
  2. CPLT 015
  3. Twenty-four (24) units from the following:
    1. Upper-division Latin or Greek literature courses beyond the language proficiency requirement
    2. AHS 147, AHS 148, CLA 100/HISE 110, CLA 110 (E-Z)/LATN 110 (E-Z), CLA 112/CPLT 112/RLST 117, CLA 114/CPLT 114, CLA 120 (E-Z), CLA 165, CLA 190, GRK 190, LATN 190, PHIL 121Q, POSC 110, RLST 136, THEA 125E
    3. Other courses outside the Classics program related to the major with approval of the student's advisor.

A highly recommended lower-division course is CLA 040 (Classical Mythology). In their course selection, students should seek exposure to both the Greek and Roman components of the major.

Foreign Language Placement Examination A placement examination is required of all freshmen entering the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences who wish to meet the foreign language requirement with the same language taken in high school. Consult the quarterly Schedule of Classes and for date and time. Transfer students who have taken a college-level language course cannot take the placement examination and should consult with their advisors. No college-level credit may be duplicated.

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