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Comparative Literature and Languages

Arabic Minor (ARBC)

This minor introduces the field of Arabic studies, and offers training in the Arabic language and in the close reading of texts— including poetry, literature, philosophy, theoretical writings, essays, and film—with attention to problems of translation, the history of disciplines, and the formation of institutions. It teaches students to read cultural objects, practices, texts, and institutions as active sites of translation, negotiation, contestation, and invention.

Committee in Charge

  • Jeffrey Sacks, PhD., Director, Comparative Literature/Arabic
  • Ayman Ramadan, M.A., Arabic

Minor Requirements

  1. Lower Division Requirements (language proficiency)
    1. ARBC 001, 002, 003, and 004
  2. Upper Division Requirements (16 units)
    1. Twelve upper-division units in Arabic Literature and Culture from ARLC 120, ARLC/CPLT/MEIS 151, ARLC/CPLT 152, ARLC/CPLT/MEIS/RLST 156, ARLC/CPLT 154/PHIL 128, ARLC/CPLT/MEIS/RLST 158, ARLC/CPLT/MEIS/RLST 157
    2. Four upper-division units from CPLT 110 or a related upper-division course

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