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In Fall 2011, departmental majors will begin to have new names and new core courses. These changes reflect the faculty’s desire to train all students in close reading and the study of cultural difference across languages. We are also excited about two new senior seminars that help students complete capstone writing projects.

The chart below shows which majors will begin enrolling in Fall 2011 and which are scheduled to begin enrollment in Fall 2012. Students entering prior to the shift will fulfill existing requirements and see the names on the left on their transcripts and diplomas. Students entering after the shift will see the names on the right on their diplomas, and fulfill the new requirements.

Existing Majors
For students entering before Fall 2011
New Majors
For students entering Fall 2011 and beyond
Asian Literatures and Cultures, Chinese Track Languages and Literatures /Chinese (F12)
Classical Studies Languages and Literatures /Classical Studies (F12)
Comparative Ancient Civilizations Languages and Literatures /Comparative Ancient Civilizations (F12)
Comparative and World Literature Languages and Literatures /Comparative Literature (F11)
French Languages and Literatures /French (F11)
Germanic Studies Languages and Literatures /Germanic Studies (F11)
Asian Literatures and Cultures, Japanese Track Languages and Literatures /Japanese (F12)
Language Languages and Literatures /Languages (F11)
Linguistics Languages and Literatures /Linguistics (F12)
Russian Languages and Literatures /Russian (F12)

All majors in the right column will be required to take the following core courses. With faculty permission, majors in the left column may substitute these courses for some existing requirements:

  • CPLT1: Introduction to Close Reading
  • CPLT2: Reading World Literature
  • CPLT193: Capstone Research Seminar
  • CPLT196: Senior Research Paper (optional)

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