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Dr. Vrinda Chidambaram

Office: HMNSS 2608

Vrinda Chidambaram

Joint Ph.D. in Slavic and Theoretical Linguistics, Princeton University, 2013

My primary research interest is syntax and particularly the morphosyntactic properties of Slavic Languages. Although I extend my research to include typologically diverse languages, my expertise is in the South Slavic subgroup (especially Slovene, B/C/S, and Macedonian). My dissertation, On Resumptive Pronouns: Toward a Generalized Theory of Pronominal Structure and Interpretation examines the role of relative clause resumptive pronouns as well as object-doubling clitic pronouns in syntax, and focuses on data from Slovene, B/C/S, Hebrew, Hungarian, Ancient and Modern Greek, and Slovak.

I am interested in the processing of anaphora in general: how do we know how to interpret a pronoun, particularly in syntactically ambiguous cases?

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