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Comparative Literature and Languages

Current Students

  • Alba Curry
    Research interests: Chinese and Greek ancient philosophy; virtue ethics; philosophy of emotions; relationships between literature and philosophy; Japanese philosophy. 
    Link to Alba's page
  • Aviya Amir

    Research interests: Translated literature in Japan and Korea

  • Ashley Banoub
    Research interests: 20th century French literature and art (esp. Surrealism); 20th century Japanese literature and art (esp. avant-garde); Relationship between consumer culture theory and cultural movements; Advertising; national trauma
  • Mark Biswas
    Research Interests: Political, psychological, and philosophical science fiction; utopias and dystopias; Kafka
    Link to Mark's page
  • Gulin Cetin
    Research Interests: women's studies; third world feminism; body politics; Foucault; gender studies; Turkish literature & politics; gender & the body
    Link to Gulin's page
  • Yilun Fan

    Research interests: Chinese and Latin American Science Fiction, science fiction film and television; comparative philosophy of science; material culture; creative writing; performance studies.
    Link to Yilun's page

  • Jared Gee

    Research interests: continental philosophy; deconstruction; cinema and media studies; political philosophy; queer theory; theories of war and political violence; critical security studies; French studies; Middle Eastern studies; American studies; post-colonialism and decolonization; globalization

    Link to Jared's page 
  • Jaymee Goh Sook Yi
    Research Interests: Science fiction material culture; steampunk; critical race theory; postcolonial theory; multiculturalism; cultural studies; globalization
    Link to Jaymee's page
  • Gloria Gonzales
    Research Interests: Southeast Asian colonial and post-colonial literature; exile and diaspora literature; Asian American studies; Philippine contemporary novels in English; transnationalism
  • Ryan Harte
    Research interests: Chinese and Greek antiquity generally; ancient philosophy; relationships between philosophy and literature (especially tragedy and poetry); philosophy as a way of life; philosophical approaches to the self and mortality; aesthetic criticism and criticism generally
  • Amy Hough
    Research Interests: water and fluidity in text, image, & body; film & media theory, Deleuze, Italian cinema, the cinema of poetry, lyric theory, creative writing: poetry, nonfiction
  • Marziyeh Kameli
    Research Interests: Auto-ethnography; critical theory; cultural studies; creative writing
  • Leen Kawas
    Research Interests: satire in Arabic; English and French; pre-modern and modern Arabic literature; music in relation to literature; political theory; relationship between satire and politics; Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault.
  • Eun-joo Lee
    Research interests: postcolonial female Bildungsroman; Asian American literature; Asian American female Bildungsroman; war literature; postcolonial literature; postcolonial theories
  • Soonyoung Lee
    Research interests: modern Korean literature; contemporary Korean literature and film; gender studies; trans-Asian cultural studies
  • Sean Matharoo
    Research Interests: Francophone, Anglophone, and Arabic surrealism; poetics; ontology; ethics; ecocriticism; speculative realism; postcolonial studies; Black studies; biopolitics; memory studies and trauma theory; film theory; noise theory; Gilles Deleuze
  • Walter Merryman
    Research Interests: 19th Century British Literature, German Philosophy - esp. Nietzsche and Heidegger; biopolitics; existentialism; morality; posthumanism. 
  • Minh Nguyen
    Research Interests: Vietnamese poetic language and theme of popular music life in Vietnam and the diaspora
  • Duluo Nie
    Research Interests: Classical Greek philosophical and literary history; Ancient Roman literary writing and philosophy; Shakespeare; British philosophy; British, French & German romanticism; hermeneutics; pre-Han schools of Chinese thought
  • Najah Pena
    Research Interests: postcolonial studies; Orientalism; critical theory; feminist theory; Marxist theory
  • Shabnam Piryaei
    Research interests: Postcolonial theory; deconstruction; Iranian literature and cinema; experimental and art cinema; critical race and ethnic studies; censorship
    Link to Shabnam's page
  • Brittany Roberts
    Research Interests: Russian and Anglophone literatures; Russian and Anglophone cinema; horror, science fiction, and weird fiction; posthumanism, animal studies, and object-oriented ontology; species and species-being; ecology, ecological ethics, and eco-humanities
  • Lindsay Schaffer
    Research Interests: modern Korean fiction; postcolonial studies; critical race theory
  • Amanda Styron
    Research interests: Continental Philosophy (esp. Derrida, Levinas and Kristeva); comparative American studies; neoliberalism; feminist studies and critical discourse analysis; psychoanalysis, esp. death and abjection; ethics, ontology and rhetoric; film and media studies
  • Vlad Surbu
    Research interests: Early Chinese and early Greek philosophy, rituals and religious studies; Chinese fiction, Asian horror cinematography, supernatural folklore, cultural history of ghosts, otherness  Link to Vlad’s page
  • Edward Troy
    Research Interests: Philosophy (esp. Deleuze and Heidegger); Film Studies; 19th-century French literature (esp. Zola); James Joyce; exhaustion; failure; crisis in film and literature.
  • Wen-ling Tung
    Research Interests: British Romanticism; comparative Chinese Literature; Asian philosophy; wisdom literature; Zen Buddhism; pedagogy
  • Alex Wiltsie
    Research interests: Modern and postwar literature in Germany and Japan; minor literatures; East Asian postcolonialism; the German and Japanese Empires; imperial multiculturalism; ethics of violence; trauma studies; myth-making and modern mythological narratives; memorialization politics
  • Meranda Zora

    Research interests: Arabic literature; French and francophone studies; human rights; postcolonial theory


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